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Help Support BHBI: When you click on the AMAZON SMILE banner below to begin your online shopping, BHBI will receive a donation based on your purchases. Make sure you have any ad blocking or pop-up blocking extensions on your browser turned off, or you might not see the banners.

Amazon offers two ways for charitable organizations to receive donations. Amazon Smile lets you select a charitable organization linked to your Amazon account, and then all qualified purchases made through Amazon Smile will send 0.5% of your purchase total to your selected charity. To shop at Amazon Smile, just go to, login to your regular Amazon account, then choose the charity you wish to contribute to. The Amazon Smile website is virtually identical to the regular Amazon website. Once you have selected the charity of your choice, that choice stays with you (unless you change it) and will apply whenever you shop at Amazon Smile, no need to select the charity each time you shop! If you wish to choose BHBI as your charity of choice, just click on the following link and login to your Amazon account if you are not already logged in.

A second, more profitable, way to send donations to BHBI is through the Amazon Affiliates program. When you start your shopping by clicking on the Amazon Smile banner below, BHBI will earn not only the usual Amazon Smile percentage, but an additional referral fee that can often be considerably larger (between 4% - 8.5% depending on the purchased item) than what we would receive from Amazon Smile alone. For this to work you need to start your shopping from the below banner on the BHBI Donate page. So, (1) first set up BHBI as your Amazon Smile charity of choice using the link, then (2) start your shopping from the Amazon Smile banner below, and BHBI will earn the maximum donation. Note: once you have done (1) and (2), you can bookmark the Amazon Smile page the banner takes you to, and then using that bookmark in the future will link your purchases to BHBI via both the Amazon Smile and Amazon Affiliates programs.

Note, Amazon Smile or Amazon Affiliates donations only occur when you do your purchases via an internet web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc), they do not work if you shop using the Amazon App on your phone or table. You may add items to your shopping cart via the app, but you should checkout using the below Amazon Smile link from a web brower, if you want BHBI to get credit for your purchases.

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Please support BHBI directly by making your tax deductible donation payable to Congregation Beth Hamedresh - Beth Israel. All donations, of whatever size, are gratefully appreciated and acknowledged in the monthly Bulletin. The congregation has a variety of funds to which contributions may be designated in honor of individuals or special occasions. These include the:

General Operating Fund
Kiddush Fund
Library Fund
Torah Fund
Rabbi Aaron Solomon Scholarship Fund
Our Youth Fund
Special Events Fund
Sam Malina Memorial Fund
All the above funds help to contribute towards the general financial needs of the Congregation.

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